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Specialized Services for Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Empowering those with ASD to thrive as valued members of the community.


Our key objective is to support and nurture the strengths of Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder’s. Communication adaptation for each individual is necessary in ensuring his or her emotional, social, and intellectual development. Problem solving skills are incorporated to assist with obtaining their goals in interpersonal relationships, family engagement, education, employment and pursuing meaningful activity. Community-based activities allow for socialization to promote and strengthen relationships while incorporating safety awareness.  

AMHP helps clients reach their full potential by:

  • Individualized treatment plans with goals in communication, emotional awareness and expression, and community socialization
  • Communication supports such as visual icons, white boards, and other facilitated communication techniques
  • Social skills training
  • Co-regulation and self-regulation modeling and skills
  • Sensory diet incorporation
  • Hygiene supports
  • Structured visual schedules
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