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Care Coordination

Intensive Case Management
At AMHP, we define Intensive Case Management as:

  • extensive coordination of client care.
  • working closely with other providers for consistency in treatment.
  • assisting the client in managing their disorder
  • maintaining an appropriate living environment
  • developing a quality life style
  • discharge planning with hospitals


AMHP provides referrals to psychiatrists or an ARNP (psychiatric nurse practitioner) to assess the need for medication. If the client already has a psychiatrist or an ARNP , we contact them and explain our role in the client's treatment, emphasize the importance for care coordination and request ongoing contact with the psychiatrist or an ARNP

We provide medication monitoring including:

  • observing clients taking their medications
  • monitoring for side effects
  • accompanying clients to medication review appointments
  • support proper follow through of treatment recommendations.


At AMHP, we work on the clienr's behalf to promote mental health and safety in the community. We advocate for the client with other providers, landlords, guardians, fiduciaries, employers and educators.

Housing Placement and Maintenance

As part of overall client care, AMHP works to place clients in proper housing including:

  • private residences-which we monitor to ensure proper upkeep of the home.
  • adult family homes
  • group homes
  • assisted living 

Purposeful Action

We encourage and assist clients to explore interests, skills and abilities that lead to meaningful activities such as:

  • volunteer service in the community
  • the pursuit of cultural interests
  • art, music, dance
  • sports
  • outdoor pursuits
  • science
  • education
  • vocational counseling and paid employment

Outreach to Client in the Community

AMHP educates and helps clients use existing resources available to them in their community. As an example, our clinicians accompany clients on outings to learn social skills in the community. Our clinicians may choose to meet with clients for therapy in the home, via Zoom, or in the community. AMHP clinicians utilize both formal and informal environments to facilitate successful and comfortable interactions.

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